Various – What Have We Wrought? A Mike Atta Benefit Compilation [2XLP]


tracklist: A1 The Middle Class – Body And Soul A2 Germs – Out Of Time (Live) A3 Circle Jerks – Red Tape A4 Sin 34 – 34 Sins A5 Big Boys – I’m Sorry A6 Fastbacks – Fast Enough A7 Meatmen – Stud A8 Government Issue – Plain To See A9 The Dicks – Rich Daddy (Live) A10 Anarchy 6 – Suburban Jail A11 F – The Yellow Corn Boy A12 7 Seconds – Compro A13 Necros – Help (Live) B1 OFF! – Poison City B2 Negative Approach – Pressure/Fair Warning (Live) B3 The Fix – No Idols B4 Shattered Faith – Right Is Right B5 The F.U.’s – Death Wish (Live) B6 The Detours – The Saint B7 Flag Of Democracy – Suburban Cowboy B8 Scream – Cry Wolf (Demo) B9 Vatican Commandos – Housewives On Valium B10 Channel 3 – Another Day B11 Adrenalin O.D. – Small Talk B12 Love Canal – Jimmy Closet B13 Eddie & The Subtitles – American Society C1 White Flag – Radio Free Misanthropia C2 Adolescents – Conquest Of The Planet Of The See Monkeys C3 NOFX – New Years Revolution C4 The Muffs – When I Was Down C5 The Crowd – Straight Down C6 White Night – Oh Crud C7 Empire – English Mist C8 The Zeros – Lil’ Latin Lupe Lu C9 Redd Kross – Pretty Please (Live At Amoeba) C10 The Garden – 8 Foot Tall Man Walking Out Of The Forrest D1 Giuda – Number 10 D2 The Urinals – Sonny Boy D3 The Cows – Chow D4 Mudhoney – Tales Of Terror D5 Halo Of Flies – Ballad Of Extreme Hate D6 Nervous Gender – Slave (Demo) D7 The Salvation Army – Grimly Forming D8 Audacity – Five People In The Bedroom D9 The Mormons – Razorburn Stigmata D10 Mike Watt & The Missingmen – Sweet Honey Pie






Burger Records, Gasatanka Records, Munster Records


MR 335