Various – Beach Blvd [2XLP]
[M- , M-]


expanded reissue of 1979 Posh Boy compilation, first lp includes the track of the original compilation, all tracks from lp2 are extra, record store day 2020, limited edition of 700, hand numbered, yellow and turquoise vinyl, tracklist: A1 Simpletones – Kirsty Q A2 Simpletones – I Have A Date A3 Simpletones – Tiger Beat Twist A4 Rik L Rik – Black And Red A5 Rik L Rik – Meat House A6 The Crowd – Suzy Is A Surf Rocker A7 The Crowd – Living In Madrid A8 The Crowd – Trix Are For Kids B1 The Crowd – Modern Machine B2 The Crowd – New Crew B3 Rik L Rik – I Got Power B4 Rik L Rik – Mercenaries B5 Rik L Rik – Atomic Lawn B6 Simpletones – Don`t Bother Me B7 Simpletones – California C1 Dirk Dirksen – Spoken Word Intro C2 F-Word! – Do The Nihil C3 F-Word! – Out There C4 F-Word! – Do The Haze C5 F-Word! – Government Official C6 F-Word! – Shut Down C7 Simpletones – I Like Drugs C8 Simpletones – Dead Meat (Killer Smog) C9 Simpletones – TV Love D1 Simpletones – Rock ‘N’ Roll Star D2 Simpletones – Disco Ape D3 Simpletones – Nasty Nazi D4 The Crowd – Right Time D5 The Crowd – Desmond And Kathy D6 The Crowd – Melody Hill D7 The Klan – Pushin’ Too Hard D8 The Klan – Cover Girls


M- , M-




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